Automation Solutions, Inc. (AUTOSOL) has been providing system integration services to industrial companies since 1987. AUTOSOL continues to engineer powerful software and hardware to remedy communication incompatibilities associated with SCADA as well as improve data performance, dependability and security.

With more than 130 combined years of experience, AUTOSOL’s developers, programmers and engineers have built a suite of products designed to provide reliability and flexibility and keep data in motion. Solving integration challenges for the IIOT, we have created software and hardware that provides the flexibility, scalability and cybersecurity needed for your SCADA system, no matter how complex it is. For operations to run safely and reliably, data exchanged over the network must be protected from manipulation. Acting as a secure endpoint, AUTOSOL’s CryptoMod encrypts data transmissions over a network. Installed in the remote device enclosure, the CryptoMod shields all communications along the network – from the RTU/PLC, to the SCADA server itself. It also controls which users can access its data.

We offer a comprehensive set of products that continues to set industry standards for ease of configuration and optimization, by supporting communication across different manufacturer devices in their native protocols and over a single or multiple telemetry circuits. Our patented CryptoMod communication and security appliance solution delivers peace of mind for mission-critical infrastructure. Contact us today to learn how we can keep your data in motion.

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Automation Solutions, Inc.
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