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Guangzhou Zhiyuan Electronics Co., LTD

Over the past 15 years, ZLG Zhiyuan Electronics has manufactured industrial control equipment, communication equipment, power supply products, as well as testing and analyzing equipment. ZLG Zhiyuan Electronics are widely used in industrial automation, energy, power electronics, rail transportation and medical treatment. ZLG Zhiyuan Electronics designs high-value-added modules, board cards and high-end measurement instruments with “Chip + AWorks Software Platform + AI (Artificial Intelligence)” from “Chips” to “Cloud”, accesses ZWS (ZLG Web Service) cloud via wired and wireless interfaces, processes big data and forms the industrial intelligent IoT ecosystem.

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Guangzhou Zhiyuan Electronics Co., LTD
No. 43, Sicheng Road, Xintang Town
Guangzhou 510655

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