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Perinet GmbH

Perinet, founded in October 2018, has the clear objective of occupying a pioneering role in a highly specialized niche market. The seamless connection of field level and operational IT by means of end-to-end communication is our vision. We have developed our main product according to these specifications. The periCORE SPE communication module is a very small core board on which the other Perinet Smart Components for Seamless IoT Connectivity are also based.

Against the background of increasing digitalization in the industrial, commercial (e.g. smart building or smart retail) and even domestic sectors (smart home), we offer pragmatic approaches with which analog existing systems (brownfield) can also become fully-fledged components of IIoT and IoT systems through retrofitting and, as a positive secondary effect so to speak, thereby also increase their useful life for the system operators.

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Perinet GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
Berlin 12489

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