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Panasonic Software Development Center Dalian Co.,Ltd.

"Develop people before making products." The founder Konosuke Matsushita spoke these words. "A company is its people. No business will grow without securing the proper personnel." In the past and in the future, what moves the world is nothing other than "people."

We have things to accomplish. We have responsibilities to fulfill. There are things that can only be done by Panasonic, which has been developing and expanding worldwide products and services by always staying close to our customers’ lives.

Our mission is to embody the desires of people around the world making further contributions toward creating an ideal society and lifestyles while solving global social issues. Panasonic will contribute to meet various challenges with its people and technologies.

Panasonic promotes research and development to offer new value to customers in a wide range of business areas: "Consumer Electronics," "Housing," "Automotive," and "B2B." We are advancing global-based development in optimal locations in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia with an R&D system that makes use of local talents and skills.

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Panasonic Software Development Center Dalian Co.,Ltd.
30# No.900 Huangpu Road,High-tech Industrial Zone
Dailian 116085

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