NX7 Series Controller

Distinctive CIP Services
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Controllers Hardware
Device Profile
Communications Adapter: 0x0C

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New controller that covers functions and high-speed processing required for machine control and safety, reliability and maintainability.

Features include:

  • 2-port of EtherNet/IP and high-speed Giga-bit for integration of Logic and Motion in one CPU.
  • Conforms to IEC 61131-3 (JIS B 3503) standard programming and PLCopen function blocks for Motion Control. Programming with variables allows users to create complex programs efficiently.
  • Fast and accurate control by synchronizing all field network devices, such as vision sensors, servo drives, and field devices, with the PLC and Motion Engines.
  • Offers speed without compromising on reliability and robustness expected from PLCs.
  • Complete RAS functions: Transmission frame error check, timeout, bus diagnosis, Watchdog (WDT), memory check, and topology check, etc.
  • Ideal for large-scale, fast, and highly-accurate control with up to 256 axes.
  • Linear and circular interpolation.
  • Electronic gear and cam synchronization.

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DOC Number: 11308 Year: 2022

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Maximum # Connections Supported
Total CIP
Explicit Messaging: Originator
I/O Messaging: Scanner
I/O Messaging: Target (Adapter)
Explicit Messaging: Target
Device Configuration
Hardware Switches
EDS File Instance in Device
Parameter Objects
Custom Software
MAC Parameter Configuration: Speed
10 Mbps
100 Mbps
MAC Parameter Configuration: Duplex
Address Configuration
Hardware Switches
Custom Software
CIP Safety Node
Vendor Specific
Safety Discrete I/O

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