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F 201cm

The DeviceNet™ interface was developed in accordance with SEMI E54, the standard for sensors and actuators. ODVA, the organisation that supports network technologies built on the Common Industrial Protocol, has found the Bronkhorst® Mass Flow Controller to be in compliance with the DeviceNet™ Specification, having passed ODVA's conformance testing at one of its authorized conformance test service providers at Composite Test Level 18.

Features include:
  • Baud rates from 125 kBaud up to 500 kBaud
  • +24 Vdc power supply required
  • powering through M12 micro style DeviceNet™ connector or via extra 9-pin sub-D connector possible
  • optional galvanic isolation up to 500 V (for data lines)
  • connection of max. 64 instruments to 1 bus
  • max. bus length: 500 metres at 125 kBaud, 100 metres at 500 kBaud

+31 57 345 8800
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An ODVA Declaration of Conformity has been issued for the product(s) described on this page.

This Declaration confirms that the product(s) passed conformance and related testing at an ODVA vendor-independent Test Service Provider.

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DOC Number: 10105 Year: 2012

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