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Hms en2mb r linking device

The EtherNet/IP to Modbus-TCP Linking Device allows you to connect any Modbus-TCP device or system to your ControlLogix™ and CompactLogix™ PLC from Rockwell Automation. The stand-alone Linking Device is less expensive than an in-chassis-based solution, and has even better integration to Studio 5000® from Rockwell Automation.

The EtherNet/IP to Modbus-TCP Linking Device will:

  • Minimize costs when connecting Modbus-TCP server devices (slaves) to your PLC. More cost-efficient than an in-chassis solution.
  • Allow you to easily retrofit existing Modbus-TCP devices.
  • Allow support for “Big data” — up to 8 KB of I/O data.
  • Speed up configuration — Automated process inside Rockwell Studio5000.

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