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Main features
The GFW electric power controller series was designed to meet the requirements of the industrial electric heating applications with linear and non-linear resistive loads including Silicon carbide (SiC), Silicon-Molybdenum (MoSi2), Graphite, SWIR lamps and transformers, with voltage ranging between 90 Vac to 690 Vac.
Heaters firing mode is fully configurable with:

  • ZC: Zero crossing with constant cycle time for conventional linear loads
  • BF: Burst-Firing, fast Zero crossing with minimum optimized cycle time for systems with low heat inertia
  • HSC: Half-Single-Cycle, which corresponds to a Burst Firing managing also single semi-waves. Therefore, it is ideal for short wave IR lamps: it reduces flickering and limits the generation of EMC disturbance in the power line.
  • PA: Phase angle control, ideal to fully remove flickering on short-wave IR lamps, accurately check power checks, correctly manage Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Silicon Molybdenum (MoSi2) non-linear resistors, and transformer
Unit consisting of:
  • Current range from 400A to 600A
  • Configurations: Single-phase, two-phase, and three-phase
  • Voltage range 480Vac, 600Vac or 690Vac
  • Firing mode configurable “Zero crossing” (Fixed Cycle, Burst Firing, Half Single Cycle) or “Phase angle”
  • Analogue inputs: Volt, mA, potentiometer, and digital (PWM)
  • Inputs for three external CTs
  • Three configurable retransmission analogue outputs (V/mA)
  • Built-in fuse (opt)
  • Interrupted total and partial load alarm (opt)
  • Current limit (opt)
  • Feedback V, V2, I, I2, P (opt)
  • Thermocouple input for diagnostics and alarm
  • Wide range of standard communication fieldbus
  • SCCR UL 508 100KA
Main application
  • Metal Heat Treat
  • Glass
  • Oil & Gas
  • Ceramics and precious metals
  • Semiconductor
  • Chemical
  • Energy

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