Converged Ethernet Communication Modules

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Communications PLC Scanners
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Communications Adapter: 0x0C

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The Converged Ethernet communication modules for Quantum, Premium and M340 are the first scanners in the market to support both EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP protocols simultaneously.

Quantum modules:

  • 140 CRP 31200
  • 140 CRA 31200
  • 140 NOC 771 01
  • 140 NOC 780 00
  • 140 NOC 781 00

Premium module:

  • TSX ETC 101

M340 module:

  • BMX NOC 0401

These modules incorporate the following features:

  • Seamless support of EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP though an Ethernet port
  • Hot Stand By support for EtherNet/IP communications on the 140 NOC 78x series
  • Advanced Unity Pro software integration via FDT/DTM technology
  • HMI support with both protocols
  • SCADA support through Schneider Electric's OFS implementation
  • Capacity for 128 devices (64 for the NOC 781 00), regardless of protocol
  • Simplified configuration software featuring Network Discovery, EDS file support and DTM support for all devices.
  • Multi port switch embedded in the 140 NOC 78x series and in the BMX NOC 0401
  • Embedded router in the 140 NOC 781 00
  • Continued support of 3rd party devices

+33 0 1 41 29 70 00
Odva conformant large

An ODVA Declaration of Conformity has been issued for the product(s) described on this page.

This Declaration confirms that the product(s) passed conformance and related testing at an ODVA vendor-independent Test Service Provider.

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DOC Number: 10836 Year: 2010

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Maximum # Connections Supported
Total CIP 306
Explicit Messaging: Originator 16
I/O Messaging: Scanner 256
I/O Messaging: Target (Adapter) 2
Explicit Messaging: Target 32
Device Configuration
Hardware Switches
EDS File Instance in Device
Parameter Objects
Custom Software
MAC Parameter Configuration: Speed
10 Mbps
100 Mbps
MAC Parameter Configuration: Duplex
Address Configuration
Hardware Switches
Custom Software
CIP Safety Node
Vendor Specific
Safety Discrete I/O

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