Lexium Family of Motion Controls

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Motion Control
Device Profile
Generic Device: 0x00

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Schneider Electric offers the Lexium Family of servo drives supporting servo motors ranging from 0.15 to 7 kW.  The family includes the following Lexium 32 part numbers:

  • LXM32MD12N4
  • LXM32MD18M2
  • LXM32MD18N4
  • LXM32MD30M2
  • LXM32MD30N4
  • LXM32MD72N4
  • LXM32MD45M2
  • LXM32MD60N4
  • LXM32MD90M2

By installing the VW3A3616 fieldbus module, any of the Lexium units may support both EtherNet/IP and Modbus-TCP protocols. The communication module contains two RJ45 copper connections to connect to the chosen network. 

The Lexium product family incorporates the following features:

Class 1 connection via assemblies:

  • Maximum number of connections: 4
  • Supported actual packet intervals (API): 2 ... 3200 [ms]
  • Supported connection types product to PLC (Target to Originator): Point-to-point, Multicast
  • Supported connection types PLC to product (Originator to Target): Point-to-point
  • Supported triggers: cyclic, state transition 

Class 3 connections via Explicit Messages:

  • Maximum number of connections: 16
  • Supported actual packet intervals (API): 10 ... 10000 [ms]
  • Supported connection types product to PLC (Target to Originator): Point-to-point
  • Supported connection types PLC to product (Originator to Target): Point-to-point
  • The product identifies itself as CIP "Generic Device" (Device Type =0h).

Data link layer
The EtherNet/IP data link layer uses the transmission mechanisms as per IEEE 802.3 Standard Ethernet specification (edition 2002). This makes it possible to use a wide selection of available Ethernet components.

Physical layer
Industrial EtherNet/IP specifies minimum requirements in terms of ambient conditions, cabling and connectors, based on IEC, ANSI, TIA and EIA standards. The connectors required for Industrial EtherNet/IP include M12-4 connectors, D-coded. Use shielded or unshielded CAT5e or CAT6 cables for Industrial EtherNet/IP. Copper media may be used only for distances up to 100 m.

+33 0 1 41 29 70 00
Odva conformant large

An ODVA Declaration of Conformity has been issued for the product(s) described on this page.

This Declaration confirms that the product(s) passed conformance and related testing at an ODVA vendor-independent Test Service Provider.

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DOC Number: 10770 Year: 2010

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Maximum # Connections Supported
Total CIP 16
Explicit Messaging: Originator
I/O Messaging: Scanner
I/O Messaging: Target (Adapter)
Explicit Messaging: Target 16
Device Configuration
Hardware Switches
EDS File Instance in Device
Parameter Objects
Custom Software
MAC Parameter Configuration: Speed
10 Mbps
100 Mbps
MAC Parameter Configuration: Duplex
Address Configuration
Hardware Switches
Custom Software
CIP Safety Node
Vendor Specific
Safety Discrete I/O
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