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The Balluff DeviceNet Interface is available in all four of our product families. The ID Systems are indispensable in managing information for complex assembly operations, storing test protocols, or a unique number for pallet identification. The processors are designed with optional parameters to configure the unit for optional operation. 

The BIS C version is best for applications in Machine Tool ID, applications within the automotive industry, and applications in rough environments. The BIS L version is best for Pallet identification and applications in assembly and automation for small amounts of data. If a large amount of data needs to be transferred fast, then the BIS M version is the best choice. If a larger amount of data needs to be transferred fast, then the BIS S version is the best choice.

Part Numbers

  • BIS C-6003-025-650-03-ST12
  • BIS L-6003-025-050-03-ST12 
  • BIS M-6003-025-050-03-ST12 
  • BIS S-6003-025-050-03-ST12

Features Include

  • Small, compact processor 
  • Uses off the shelf read / write heads and data carriers 
  • Connection of two read/write heads standard, optional four read/write head capability 
  • Simultaneous read or write commands from both heads at the same time 
  • Available data carrier storage up to 16,000 bytes. 
  • IP65 enclosure protection for processor; IP67 for data carriers 
  • Metal or ABS housings 
  • LED status indicators (System Ready, Data Carrier Present head one and two, Command in Progress, and Bus Status) 
  • BIS C version has optional integral read / write head adapters available to eliminate cabling

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