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BradConnectivity physical media for DeviceNet provides a complete line of cables, cordsets, connectors, tees, terminators, power taps and bus extenders.

BradConnectivity DeviceNet connectors are overmolded for optimum performance and strain-relief in harsh environments. They are available as Mini-Change®, Micro-Change® or Open Style 1.5mm spacing 5-pole industrial rated ODVA-approved connections. Brad Harrison cable options include Thick, Thick Class I, Mid, Thin, Thin-600V and TPE-jacketed Flex Thin.

BradConnectivity DeviceNet Bus Extender can be used to extend the cable length of the trunk or drop line and create a star topology of your DeviceNet layout. “Noisy” sections of the network can be isolated from “noisy” devices such as variable frequency drives or DC switching power supplies.

Features Include:

  • Provide simpler troubleshooting and commissioning to monitor both data and power lines
  • Complete line of physical media for DeviceNet

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