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Starting with a bus coupler, the I/O layer is distributed right into the machine without the need for a field bus. A single hybrid cable for both power supply and communication connects the Cube67 system. The compact, robust construction of the fully encapsulated Cube67 modules allows them to be used very close to the process. This results in the shortest possible I/O lines to the sensors and actuators. Yards of cable in wide expensive conduits are a thing of the past, and cables can be exchanged in a flash. Multifunctional I/Os, free programmable functionality of ports, whether input, output or diagnostic, make for the greatest flexibility. Separate modules for input and output are no longer needed. The number of variants is minimized, storage costs are saved, and modifications to the configuration, in the course of retrofitting, for instance, are not an issue. Find the faults, don't search for them - the system's comprehensive diagnostic functionality provides detailed information on type and location of the machine fault. Faults are found and rectified quickly shortening machine down-times and commissioning.                                                                

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