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The Pepperl+Fuchs IC-KP-B7-V95 RFID controller is part of the most versatile RFID controller family available today. This unified controller concept can be used with many open tagging technologies. By selecting an appropriate Read/Write head, applications calling for low or high frequency tags are solved without changing the PLC software. Read heads with Read/Write range between a few inches to over 10 ft can be used. One IDENT Control™ can handle four Read/Write heads, operating completely independent from one another. This controller makes extensive use of the mapping flexibility offered by DeviceNet and is identical to the mapping used on the EtherNet/IP sister product (IC-KP-B12-V45.) Controller and Read/Write heads are field mountable. All electrical connections utilize quick disconnects for fast error free installation.  

Features Include:

  • Four read/write points per controller
  • DIN and Field Mounting; IP67
  • Flexible mapping concept
  • Supports LF, HF and Giga-Hertz tags
  • All electrical connections via quick disconnects
  • LCD display for configuration and data readout
  • CE/UL approvals
  • EtherNet/IP version operates and maps identically

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