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Power Supplies

  • 1606-XLP30E 1.3A, NEC2P1
  • 1606-XLP50E 2.1A, NEC2P1 
  • 1606-XLP50EZ 2.1A, NEC2P1, Removable Screw Terminals 
  • 1606-XLP72E 3A, NEC2P1 
  • 1606-XLP100E 4.2A, 1P 
  • 1606-XL60D 2.5A, NEC2P1 
  • 1606-XLDNET4 4A, NEC2P1, Current Limited to 4A 
  • 1606-XL120D 5A, 1P 
  • 1606-XL240E 10A, 1P 
  • 1606-XL120E-3 5A, 3 Phase 
  • 1606-XL240E-3 10A, 3 Phase 
  • 1606-XL60DR 2.5A, NEC2P1, Redundant (DD) 
  • 1606-XL120DR 5A, 1P, Redundant (DD) 
  • 1606-XL240DR 10A, 1P, Redundant (DD) 
  • 1606-XLDNET8 8A, 1P, DD, Current Limited to 8A                                

Power Supply Special Modules

  • 1606-XLPRED 10A Dual Decoupling Module 
  • 1606-XLRED40 40A Single Decoupling Module 
  • 1606-XLRED20-30 30A Dual Decoupling Module 
  • 1606-XLBUFFER 20A, 200ms, DC Buffer Module 

    Note: NEC2P1 = NEC Class 2, 1P
    DD = Decoupling Diode
    1P = Single Phase                                                                                

Features Include

  • DIN-Rail Mountable 
  • 24VDC Single Output
  • Single Phase Input Voltage: 85 - 264VAC
  • 3 Phase Input Voltage: 340 - 576VAC (2 Phase Operation permitted)
  • Decoupling Diodes included on all Redundant Power Supplies
  • Global Agency Approvals; UL Listed, CE
  • Outputs fully protected against Open, Short Circuit and Overload
  • 1606-XLDNET4 is current limited to 4A to not exceed the capabilities of the thin cable
  • 1606-XLDNET8 is current limited to 8A to not exceed the capabilities of the thick cable

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This Declaration confirms that the product(s) passed conformance and related testing at an ODVA vendor-independent Test Service Provider.

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DOC Number: 10793 Year: 2009

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