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1790 CompactBlock LDX is one of the smallest, simplest and most cost-effective ways to communicate over the DeviceNet network. Similar to 1791D CompactBlock I/O™, 1790 CompactBlock LDX I/O is a lower cost option for light industrial and commercial applications with lower specifications and functionality. Applications include: semiconductor fabrication, test and assembly; electronics manufacturing; building automation/HVAC; push button panels; laboratories and test stands. CompactBlock LDX is ideal for highly distributed I/O with a mix of I/O types where space is limited.

Features Include:

  • Autobaud rate detect - block automatically matches system baud rate
  • Easy to connect and configure using modular EDS files
  • Wide breadth of I/O types can handle diverse applications: includes 24V dc, 120V ac, relay output, analog, RTD and thermocouple
  • Universal sink/source inputs reduces the number of components to stock and allows flexibility of input types
  • Expandable, can add up to 3 expansion digital blocks for flexiblity of node size (6-64points)
  • Selectable termination types - removable D-sub and fixed screw terminal block
  • Highly compact design - fits into confined areas (104mm x 52mm x 42mm)
  • Rotary node address switches reduce commissioning time

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DOC Number: 10578 Year: 2016

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