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Flex I/O (1794) is a compact, modular I/O system that consists of I/O modules, terminal bases and an adapter. The Flex I/O adapter communicates with any controller on DeviceNet, allowing connectivity from field-based, hard-wired I/O devices to the DeviceNet network. Up to 8 Flex I/O modules may be connected to a single DeviceNet adapter in any mix of digital or analog, AC or DC I/O.

With the Flex I/O DeviceNet system, getting accurate data with motion and intelligent modules communicating over the network is possible. A complete range of I/O modules are available, including discrete, analog, temperature and specialty. 

Features Include:

  • Supports I/O change-of-state, cyclic, strobe, poll, and peer-to-peer messaging
  • Up to 8 Flex I/O modules may be connected to a single DeviceNet adapter
  • Interfaces up to 256 discrete I/O points or 96 analog channels per adapter to the network
  • Diagnostic status indicators for network and I/O
  • Adapter can provide diagnostics for failed or removed modules
  • Individual components allow you to mix and match I/O types
  • Remove and insert I/O modules under backplane power
  • Mounts on DIN rail

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