1784-U2CN USB to ControlNet Cable

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Communications PC Interfaces
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ControlNet Physical Layer Development: 0x32

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The 1784-U2CN USB to ControlNet Cable is used to connect a computer’s unused USB port to a ControlNet network. Once connected to the ControlNet network, maintenance and troubleshooting are easy because you can program, monitor and configure all network operations and devices from the PC. The cable includes a pod that contains the firmware that allows the connection between the PC and ControlNet network. The firmware can be flash upgraded when new firmware features becomes available. The cable includes a NAP connector to wire to the ControlNet network.

The 1784-U2CN allows Rockwell Software products to access the ControlNet network. The 1784-U2CN firmware has been designed to operate with Frontline’s NetDecoder™ Traffic Analyzer software.

Features Include:

  • Flash upgradeable for future enhancements
  • ControlNet connectivity for Rockwell Software products
  • Premium support via worldwide sales and global technical support organizations
  • C-Tick, UL, CE and RoHS compliance

ControlNet Product Class
ControlNet Configuration
Redundant Configuration Available

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