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Rockwell Automation, a leading manufacturer of ControlNet Products, provides a complete ControlNet coaxial media package. From RG6 shield high flex cable, to BNC coaxial connectors, Rockwell Automation can aid you in completing your ControlNet network with the appropriate media package, even for intrinsically safe applications. Rockwell Automation products are the most reliable in the industry, you can count on them every time.

STANDARD BNC Coax Media Products

  • 1786-BNC BNC Plug 
  • 1786-BNCJ BNC Jack to Jack 
  • 1786-BNCJI BNC Jack to Jack-Isolated Bulkhead 
  • 1786-BNCP BNC Plug to Plug 
  • 1786-RG6 1000ft/304.8m bulk Quad Shield Coax Cable 
  • 1786-RG6F 1000ft/304.8m bulk High Flex Quad Shield Coax Cable 
  • 1786-TJPR 5" Flexible Coax BNC Jumper 
  • 1786-TCAP BNC Tap Dummy Load 
  • 1786-CP ControlNet Network Access Cable 10ft/3.05m 
  • 1786-XT BNC Trunk Line Terminator

RUGGEDIZED, IP67 TNC Coax Media Products

  • 1786-BNC2TNC TNC to BNC adapter 
  • 1786-TNCJ4 TNC Jack to Jack 
  • 1786-TNCJI4 TNC Jack to Jack-Isolated Bulkhead 
  • 1786-TNCLP4 TNC Plug to Plug 
  • 1786-TNCL10 TNC Plug 
  • 1786-TNCLXT4 TNC Trunk Line Terminator

BNC and TNC Toolkit 

  • 1786-CTK ControlNet BNC and TNC Coax Toolkit

EX (Intrinsically Safe) BNC Coax Media Products

  • 1797-XT EX BNC Terminator 
  • 1797-TCAP EX BNC Dummy Load 
  • 1797-BOOT EX Boot Insulator 
  • 1797-EXMK EX Cable Marking 

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