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The External DSI Communications Kit (22-XCOMM-DC-BASE) provides a ControlNet network connection for PowerFlex 4-Class AC drives.

The PowerFlex® 4 AC Drive is designed with simplicity and space savings in mind and is ideal for applications with limited panel space.

The PowerFlex® 4M AC Drive provides users with powerful motor speed control in a compact, space saving design.

The PowerFlex 40 AC Drive is designed with application versatility and robust performance in mind. The PowerFlex 40 features sensorless vector control and additional I/O capability.

The PowerFlex® 400 AC Drive provides users with easy installation in mechanical fan and pump systems, the Allen- Bradley PowerFlex 400 AC drive offers a wide range of built-in features allowing for seamless building system integration.

The PowerFlex753  is a drive designed for general purpose applications. The PowerFlex 753 AC drive offers multiple options and features along with the added benefit of simple integration. The PowerFlex 753 comes standard with built-in I/O making it a cost effective solution ideal for OEMs and system integrators looking to reduce engineering costs, deliver machines to market faster and meet end-user demand for more productive and safer machines. The PowerFlex 753 currently operates from 0.75…250 kW / 1…350 Hp at 400/480VAC and 540/650VDC.  16 configurable datalinks allow you to pass data to a controller with the ControlNet option (20-750-CNETC). The PowerFlex 753 also supports the existing PowerFlex ControlNet communication module (20-COMM-C).  

The PowerFlex755  is designed for ease of integration, application flexibility and performance. The PowerFlex 755 AC drive provides improved functionality across many manufacturing systems. The PowerFlex 755 AC drive is designed to maximize user’s investment and help improve productivity. Ideal for applications that require safety, high motor control performance, and application flexibility, the PowerFlex 755 is highly functional and cost effective solution. The PowerFlex 755 AC drive can be configured with drive instructions embedded in Allen-Bradley Logix Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC). The PowerFlex 755 currently operates from 0.75…1000 kW / 1…1350 Hp with voltages of 380-480/600/690VAC and 540/650VDC. 16 configurable datalinks allow you to pass data to a controller with the ControlNet option (20-750-CNETC). The PowerFlex 755 also supports the existing PowerFlex ControlNet communication module (20-COMM-C).  

The PowerFlex 70 AC Drive features a flexible, compact form factor and meets world power ratings, packaging requirements, Zero Stacking or side-by-side mounting of drives, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards for out-of-the-box performance.

The PowerFlex 700 AC Drive features an innovative bookshelf design that optimizes panel space by allowing Zero Stacking or side-by-side mounting of drives, removable terminal blocks, and a cassette containing the main control board and drive input/output (I/O) options that are common across all voltage and current ratings.

The PowerFlex 700S AC Drive provides maximum application flexibility within one drive with selectable, multiple high performance motor control algorithms, including field oriented vector control, sensor and sensorless, brushless, and volts/hertz.

The PowerFlex 700S with DriveLogix™ combines the powerful performance and flexible control of PowerFlex AC drives with the high-performance Logix engine to produce a highly functional, cost-effective drive and control solution.

The PowerFlex® 700H AC Drive is available up to 2400 hp and offers a modular design and a high degree of power structure commonality with the equivalent PowerFlex 700S drive for reduced spare parts stocking. Configurable for Volts/Hertz or sensorless vector control, the easy-to-remove control module is common across all 700H power ratings.

The PowerFlex 7000 Medium Voltage AC Drive features an innovative PowerCage that houses the main power components in a compact, modular package. These advanced power components enable a reduction in component count and a more reliable drive.

The PowerFlex® DC Digital Drive combines powerful performance with flexible control to produce a highly functional, cost-effective drive and control solution. The drive offers flexible feedback and communication options which assures an effective integration solution. DC Tachometer and encoder feedback capabilities are embedded into the control circuitry as a standard feature.

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