Smart Slave CRT1 Series Analog I/O

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Omron smart slave crt1 analog io

Analog I/O slave, in addition to input and output analog data is the various operations that had to be treated on a conventional host PLC ladder programs such as scaling function can be processed inside the unit.

Features Include:

  • By desorption structure of the connector of the I / O of the communication unit, the start-up time reduction and realize the maintenance improvement. 
  • Monitoring function of the communication power supply to facilitate the start-up. (Smart slave function).  
  • Communication speed setting switch-less address setting in the rotary switch adoption and reduce configuration errors. 
  • The use of arithmetic functions, including scaling function, can be analog processing similar to the digital panel meter. 
  • The use of differential / integral function, enables analog integration process, such as abnormal symptom or diversion of equipment. 
  • The use of user calibration function, can "shift" correction of the input value (or output value). 
  • With only switch setting, easily input (or output) can change the range.

Model Number: CRT1-AD04, DA02

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DOC Number: 10715 Year: 2008

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Omron Corporation

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