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The CODESYS Group is one of the world's leading software manufacturers in the automation industry. Core products of their IEC 61131-3 automation suite, are the CODESYS Development System, the corresponding platform-independent runtime system CODESYS Control, and the CODESYS Automation Server, the cloud-based industry 4.0 platform.

The engineering of edge, fog or cloud controllers and the exchange of data in IIoT networks is standard functionality in CODESYS. Modern engineering functions, including real OOP, debugging and integrated compilers, enable convenient processing of all tasks - including cloud connection and other IIoT functions. With the integrated CODESYS Visualization, users create and animate professional interfaces for testing, commissioning and operation. Integrated fieldbus configurators and protocols support the most important fieldbus systems and real-time Ethernet. With comprehensive motion, CNC and robotic functions, users can plan movements and execute them on the controller. CODESYS Safety SIL2 and SIL3 are integrated safety products certified by TÜV according to IEC 61508. In the CODESYS Store, the user will find useful additional tools for all aspects of CODESYS.

1,000 different device types from over 400 manufacturers, tens of thousands of CODESYS users worldwide and several million CODESYS-compatible devices prove: CODESYS is the leading, manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation suite.

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