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Connectable to various types of actuators for a wide range of applications. This is a multi-axis controller for electric actuators that can connect up to 16 axes. Basic actuator performance has been greatly improved compared to conventional products. Installation space can be reduced by connecting multiple axes. The power supply system can be selected from among 3 types, and the number of connected axes is not limited by the current value.

Features Include:

Multi-axis connection is possible
Up to 2 axes can be connected per unit, and up to 8 units can be linked to control a maximum of 16 axes. A total of 8 types of actuators are supported.

  • Slider type EJSG/EBS-G
  • Rod type EBR-G/GSSD2
  • Table type FLCR-G
  • 2-finger Gripper type FLSH-G
  • 3-finger Gripper typeGCKW
  • Rotary type FGRC-G
  • Stopper type GSTK
  • Guided type GSTG/GSTS/GSTL

Significantly improved performance
The multi-axis controller ECMG Series realizes a significant increase in basic actuator performance. Improved payload by speed is up to 5 times higher than conventional models, and maximum speed is up to 2 times higher.

Contributes to space saving of the control panel
Units for up to 16 axes can be installed adjacent to each other. Further downsizing reduces installation space by 40% compared to conventional models.

Selectable power supply system
Select from a total of 3 types. The batch wiring method reduces wiring man-hours. The mixed wiring method has no connection restrictions based on the current value.The individual wiring method ensures high safety with no connection restrictions based on the current value.

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DOC Number: 12258 Year: 2022

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