AZX Series Driver (AZXD-SEP)

Distinctive CIP Services
Product Category
Motor Control Servo
Device Profile
Generic Device: 0x2B

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Azd dm 300

AZX offers a servo driver which is applicable to EtherNet/IP communication.

Since this product performs high torque characteristics in high-speed range, it is suitable for the positioning applications with large travel amounts. AZX has a built-in controller type driver, thus sequence functions such as linked operation, timer setting between different operations, conditional branching, and loop, etc. are available.

AZX motor is equipped with a battery-free mechanical type absolute sensor (ABZO sensor). Since it applies to an absolute system, no home sensor or limit sensor is required. In addition, since it is a mechanical type sensor, battery is not required for position holding. Motor position information is mechanically controlled by a mechanical sensor. Since the basic operation of this product is same as our AZ series, it will be easy to use both products in the same equipment.

Communication Specifications:

  • Output (Scanner → Adapter): 40 bytes 
  • Input (Adapter → Scanner): 56 bytes 
  • RPI range: 1 to 3200ms 
  • Network topology: Star, Linear bus, Ring (DLR: Device Level Ring)
Product Specifications:
  • Rated Output Power : 400W, 600W
  • Rated Speed : 3000 r/min 
  • Maximum Speed : 5500 r/min 
  • Detector :
    Mechanical Absolute Encoder
    1 rotation 16bits, multiple rotations ±900 rotations (1800 rotations)
  • Main Power Supply :
    Three-phase 200-240 VAC -15~+6% (50/60Hz) 
    Single-phase 200-240 VAC -15~+6% (50/60Hz) 
  • Control Power Supply : 24 VDC±5% 
  • Operating Ambient Temperature : 0 to +55℃ (+32 to +131℉) (non-freezing)

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An ODVA Declaration of Conformity has been issued for the product(s) described on this page.

This Declaration confirms that the product(s) passed conformance and related testing at an ODVA vendor-independent Test Service Provider.

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DOC Number: 12280 Year: 2022

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Maximum # Connections Supported
Total CIP 8
Explicit Messaging: Originator
I/O Messaging: Scanner
I/O Messaging: Target (Adapter) 2
Explicit Messaging: Target 6
Device Configuration
Hardware Switches
EDS File Instance in Device
Parameter Objects
Custom Software
MAC Parameter Configuration: Speed
10 Mbps
100 Mbps
MAC Parameter Configuration: Duplex
Address Configuration
Hardware Switches
Custom Software
CIP Safety Node
Vendor Specific
Safety Discrete I/O

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