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750-841 Ethernet Controller

WAGO's Programmable Fieldbus Controller (PFC) for Ethernet/IP combines the functionality of an Ethernet fieldbus coupler with the functionality of a PLC. WAGO-I/O-System 750 Fieldbus independent I/O and special function modules are combined on the DIN Rail with a PFC to provide cost effective programmable nodes of distributed I/O with maximum flexibility.

The 750-841 PFC is programmable with an IEC61131-3 programming tool, using 512K of program memory, 128K of data memory, and 24K of retentive memory. Its 32-bit based CPU is capable of multi-tasking and has a battery-backed real-time clock.

All connection points feature WAGO Cage-Clamp wire terminals for fast, secure, vibration and corrosion resistant connections.

Using WAGO's PFC as a decentralized controller offers added support to PLC or PC based solutions:

  • Signal preprocessing reduces fieldbus transmissions
  • Complex applications can be divided into simplified dedicated tasks
  • Tasks can be prioritized
  • Peripheral equipment can be controlled directly, resulting in faster system response times
  • Programmable response in the event of a fieldbus failure.

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DOC Number: 10166 Year: 2006

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WAGO Corporation

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EtherNet/IP ID: 40
DeviceNet ID: 40