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The Beckhoff Fieldbus Box Series is a full range of I/O products with watertight enclosures (IP67 and Nema 4 rated). The system covers 23 signal types and comes with 3 connection options: micro (M12), pico (M8) and 8mm snap-lock version.

The Compact Box Modules are rugged stand-alone DeviceNet I/O modules, while the Coupler Box Modules come with IP-Link Extension Interface to connect the Extension Box Modules. IP Link is a fast fiber optic communication link that collects the data from the Extension Box Modules and allows you to add up to 120 Extension Box Modules up to 15 m apart.

The PLC Box Modules are intelligent fieldbus modules for the decentralized pre-processing of I/O signals. They can also be used as small rugged stand alone PLCs with up to 960 I/Os that are connected via IP-Link. The reaction times are independent of the bus communication and of the supervising controller. In the event of a bus or controller failure, maintenance of function (e. g. bringing the process to a safe state in an orderly manner) is possible.

Cordsets and connector sets for all Field Bus Box products are also available from Beckhoff.


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