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Pyramid Solutions offers DeviceNet development kits for Master/Scanner & Slave devices and training, consulting and development services to get your product to market in minimal time. Each development kit is complete with source code and reference documentation.

The DeviceNet Slave Developers Kit enables the development of Group 2-only to full UCMM capable DeviceNet Slave functionality for your products using field proven source code. The DSDK includes example application code for an AMD 80188EM or Hitachi H8S with an SJA1000 CAN controller and the Infineon (Siemens) C167CR with an on chip Can Controller. The CAN driver layer can be adapted for most CAN controllers. All source code, with the exception of some microprocessor specific startup code is written in ‘C' for ease of portability.
As Value Added Design Partner (VADP) for Rockwell Automation, we are authorized to license and support Rockwell Automation's DeviceNet Master Library (DML). The DML allows developers to easily integrate field proven master and I/O scanner source code into their products. The DML (DMDK) source code handles connection management such as proxy and other functions necessary for the scanner to operate as a Group 2 and a Group 2 Only Client. The source code integrates with a variety of microprocessors, real-time operating systems and CAN controllers.
Pyramid Solutions provides a wide range of services for the development of DeviceNet devices, including training, consulting to turnkey product development. Call us today to see how we can accelerate your development project.

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