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For all your DeviceNet™ I/O and Cabling Needs 

BL20 is a modular IP20 I/O system featuring a wide variety of I/O options. Analog, digital, and technology modules can be combined as needed to meet your application requirements.

Features Include:

  • Gateway has an RS232 serial diagnostic port
  • Physical switches for node setting node address and baud rate
  • Standard modules can be removed from terminal bases for module replacement without disconnecting power or removing wiring - screw and tension clamp terminations available.
  • I/O modules are color coded and keyed to prevent insertion of an incorrect module
  • Economy series BL20 modules (fixed terminal base) provide increased signal density (up to 16 digital points per 12.6mm module) while still compatible with the standard BL20 system
  • Pin and socket connections between the bases provide an expandable and reliable module connections # DIN rail mount
  • PACTware is a FREE software tool for engineering, parameter configuration, documentation, monitoring, and station diagnostics
  • The BL20 system supports up to 74 electronic modules
  • I/O modules include digital, analog, RFID, serial, motor starter, PWM, and high-speed counter options

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