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TURCK is your single source for DeviceNet media products that facilitate network installation, resulting in a faster start-up and fewer wiring errors. The bus and drop cables are specially designed foil shielded, high-flex cables with very low inductance and capacitance to minimize propagation delay time. TURCK cables consist of a shielded and twisted data pair, as well as a shielded and twisted power pair for the 24 VDC bus power with an additional outer shield.  

Features Include:

  • Color coded field wireable connectors
  • Overmolded quick disconnect connections 
  • Straight and right angle connectors 
  • M8, M12, and 7/8 16UN thick, thin, and mid sized cable 
  • Bus drop, power and diagnostic tees 
  • Feed through connectors 
  • Gender changers 
  • Panel mount and device gland receptacles 
  • Standard and custom lengths, as well as pigtail or extension cordset options

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