Greetings, automation professionals! The MARKETPLACE at is your single information source to find:

  • Potential products for your next application using ODVA technologies, and
  • Leading suppliers of industrial automation products that are the ODVA Members who drive THE FUTURE OF INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION.

To help you make the most productive use of your time spent at the MARKETPLACE, detailed content is organized as follows:

  • The Member Gallery contains featured products offered by ODVA Members. Products are organized in a convenient “page-for-product” or “page-for-product family” format. For the product(s) on a given page, you will find a description of the product(s), a table of product features relating to ODVA technologies, a photograph, a link to the Member’s page in the Member Pavilion at MARKETPLACE and any related ODVA Declaration of Conformity (DOC). Filters for various Product Categories are provided to help you quickly find the products you need.
  • The Member Pavilion contains a page for each company that is an ODVA Member. The Member’s page includes a complete list of all of the Member’s products that can be found at the MARKETPLACE, along with links to each product page. You may also be able to find supplemental content from the Member itself, such as links to case studies related to ODVA technologies.

You will also find basic information on other products for which ODVA has issued a Declaration of Conformity from both ODVA Members and Licensed Vendors. To view all products including the Member Gallery and other DOCs, select both “Member Gallery” and “Other DOCs” under the filter for Marketplace Listing Type. All products for which ODVA has issued a DOC since 2006, and for which the DOC is still valid, can be found at MARKETPLACE. (At the request of ODVA’s Licensed Vendors, some products currently in production with a still valid DOC issued on or before 2005 can also be found at MARKETPLACE.)

About ODVA’s Members and Licensed Vendors

In order to help minimize the risk for adopters of ODVA technologies — both for vendors and users — ODVA requires that all entities that wish to make and sell products using ODVA technologies be licensed pursuant to ODVA’s Terms of Usage Agreement (TOU). An entity that has a valid TOU with ODVA is referred to as an ODVA Licensed Vendor. ODVA established this licensing program in order to achieve these primary objectives: 

  • To promote an ecosystem of interoperable products from multiple vendors that allows users to select product that best fit their applications;
  • To help minimize the probability of blocking intellectual property for both vendors and users seeking to adopt ODVA technology. 

All Members of ODVA are required to be an ODVA Licensed Vendor. MARKETPLACE does not contain information on Licensed Vendors that are not ODVA Members and have not yet released products. 

About ODVA’s Declaration of Conformity (DOC)

ODVA’s TOU requires that the Licensed Vendor obtain and maintain ODVA Declarations of Conformity (DOCs) for its products that are made and sold using ODVA technologies. When specifying a product for a system using ODVA technology, always look for a currently valid DOC for the product. The DOC provides you with added assurance that the product has been determined to be ODVA CONFORMANT™ by ODVA, a vendor-independent and neutral certification body. You can also find some other product listings in the Member Gallery for categories of products and/or services for which ODVA does not currently issue a DOC; examples of these products include physical media, such as cable and connectors, or services, such as training. To read more about ODVA’s Technology and Standards for Conformance, click here.