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PSTEK Co., Ltd

PSTEK is headquartered in South Korea and entered the business of designing and manufacturing industrial power supplies in 1998. In the 20 years since, PSTEK has provided services ranging from consulting on induction heating systems and industrial power supplies to total solutions encompassing design, manufacturing, installation and post management. PSTEK has developed electrostatic chuck power supplies, plasma power supplies, photonic curing systems, and power supplies for electric precipitators, improving and innovating on the functions of the semiconductors, displays and state-of-the-art facilities needed in the environmental industry. The core technology of PSTEK’s industrial power supplies provides gigawatts of energy through microsecond to millisecond pulses of various cycles and amplitudes.

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PSTEK Co., Ltd
25-25, Gunpocheomdansaneop 1-ro
Gunpo-si 15881
Korea (South)

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